PhD Research Assistance

ASL academic arm provides space and research assistanceship to the PhD / M.Tech scholars in the area of stem cell technology for a fixed duration or as per research requirement. All the areas of Stem cell research as permitted under ICMR can be done with proper ethical and institutional permissions.

International Collaborations

ASL takes initiatives for collaborative research ventures through projects and sponsorships form national and international academic institutions, trusts, professional bodies, corporates and multinationals. Periodic exchange visits, intergovernmental projects, thrust area programs and therapy sponsorships are some of the few collaborative avenues open with AutoStem Laboratories.

Institutional Services

ASL provides custom made Stem Cell Research kits, Study slides, Stem Cell Suspensions and Laboratory services to the academic institutions and colleges.

ASL extend their educational expertise to the Colleges and Universities through short-term stem cell elective programs, student assessment platforms and academic counseling for greater appreciation of the subject across the student mass.